The company and its history

Arduini family has been active for over a century in the production of wines of Verona, first in the historical Valpolicella and later in the area of Bardolino Doc near Lake Garda.

The vineyardsconducted by the present company and located in the municipalities of PastrengoCavaion Veronese, Lazise, Sant’Ambrogio di ValpolicellaTregnago and Sonagiving rise to a total production of over one thousand hectoliters of  typical Veronese wine among which the Valpolicella superior Doc, Bardolino Doc, Bardolino Doc Claret, Pinot Grigio IGT as well as products of “Corte Campara” such as Dry Sparkling Pinot Blanc, Passito Red, Rosso and Bianco Veronese.

The family’s wine business is started in the late nineteenth century by the great-grandfather Arduini Gabriele at the bottom of the agricultural site in Loc. Canal in Marano di Valpolicella and subsequently developed with the cooperation of the children TuriddoAlfredoMariella and Jean-Baptiste with the acquisition of new land and the implementation of new products.

In 1950, the year of birth of the son of Turiddo namesake grandsonGabriel buys the property with the children of Pastrengo called “Campara Court.” The villa and surrounding grounds are a natural in that period, and scope outlet for the agricultural activity of the company that it intends to move from the mountains of Valpolicella to the more hospitable” hills of Garda.

It’s the “hot” 1968 when Turiddo, so named in 1919 by his mother Malvina in honor of Compare Turiddu a character of Mascagni’s Cavalleria Rusticana view in the Arena in Verona, decided to move with his wife Agnes and sons Gabriel, FrancoMalvina Marino and the property of CamparaThe villa and surrounding grounds are located at that time in a state of neglect and Turiddo and his family it is heavy and difficult task to rebuild a modern farm.
During the seventiesthe roaring eighties and until the early part of the nineties under the management of  Turiddo the company knows a period of remarkable and rapid development by expanding the acreage with the acquisition of new land in the municipalities of Pastrengo and Bussolengo and supporting the traditional wine business breeding of dairy cattle and fruit in general.

Over the years, successive economic success of the company in various spheres of activity (wine, milk, oil, cherries, kiwi and peaches) allowing children to Turiddo to support themselves and their families.
In 1996 Turiddo decides to retire by giving the properties and business activities for their children. A Court Campara remains the first-born Gabriel, whowith the help of his family, continues the company’s activity in the wine sector.

Between the end of the nineties and the early years of the new millennium Gabriele and his son Ivan in addition to replant the vineyards and retrain existing and acquire new conduction in delivering the new wineryrenovating the building previously used as a stable located in the vicinity of the villa .

The new production facility supported by the most modern technologies and cutting-edge techniques of cultivation while respecting the secular tradition of the family still guarantees the quality of the wine products marketed in the company looked forward to at the same time a good career prospect for future generations to whom it will be continue this long and fascinating history.